“That’s not a request,” Sir wrote on his note to me. I am being ordered to take it easy today–and it is difficult. There are many things that I should be doing. The way our BDSM fits into our lives is organic. There is negotiation, but it seems to go on all the time. I […]

Ouch. But Not Fun Kind.

That terrible feeling, when you know that having an orgasm might help relieve this horrible sinus headache, and it is Two-Fer Tuesday. But, somehow, the brain pain is winning. Watching porn is difficult through squinting eyes. Reading porn is about the same. Sexy thoughts? *laughter* All I can think of is how much it would […]

Early-Morning Scene

I woke up this morning because Sir had his hand on my hip, gently shaking me. “Wake up. Where are my collar stays for today’s shirt?” I dragged myself into being awake and thinking. Downstairs, I tried to remember where I had put the new collar stays. Were they on the table? No. On the […]


Sir changed up yesterday’s masturbation assignment. I was out of town for a week and could not/did not keep to the schedule. Six orgasms. Six, counted out and with a “Thank you, Sir,” text. The first three were easy. I had not had an orgasm in over a week. Number four was a bit of […]

First Time to a Dungeon

Years ago, in an unnamed city on the other side of the country, I went to my first BDSM night club. Here are some of my memories from that trip. I am curious as hell. In the background, I can hear the low, regular thud of a flogger hitting flesh. I can hear the slight, […]

Sex and Sexuality

One of the side-effects of pursuing one’s BDSM dreams, and being pretty open about it, is getting questions from people. Which makes me very happy. People are too freaked out about sex and sexuality. Whether one is an enthusiast or asexual–or any flavour in between–we are so worried about being abnormal or weird, that we […]

Minor Smut III

I try to relax, but what he is doing tenses me up. The more tense I am, the more likely I am to come without permission. He toys with my asshole; stimulating. Anticipation and a little fear slither into my mind. I breathe through it, willing myself to relax. Over and over, he slides his […]