To the Pain

One night, Sir trussed my hands behind me. He created a harness that made moving me around easier…and harder. It is easy to forget how much we depend on arm movement to help balance and move ourselves around. That night, he used the strap on me. It is still early. I am still learning. He […]


He asked me to masturbate for him in our bedroom. That I could start, and he would be along soon. I pulled out my trusty vibrator, a JeJoue silicone egg, and opened up my e-reader to something wonderfully smutty and pornographic. I added a set of Kegel balls once I felt wetness seeping down my […]

Honey Do

Today, Sir has me in a dress, but no undergarments. It is interesting how accustomed we become to the feel of pants and bras and other undergarments. It is also a day for new impact play items. I am nervous. I am scared. I am also excited. Sir says this is good, and how he […]

Weekday Evening

It is a typical day. The laundry is done. The dishes are done. Everyone is fed and comfortable–we do have the most spoiled pets. Me included. I have followed his rules for self-pleasure. Today, the rule is that I cannot use my right hand. I can cum at will, if I can. As always, I […]