Honey Do

Today, Sir has me in a dress, but no undergarments. It is interesting how accustomed we become to the feel of pants and bras and other undergarments. It is also a day for new impact play items. I am nervous.

I am scared.

I am also excited.

Sir says this is good, and how he wants me to feel.

He has turned his hand to making most of the impact toys. His flogger is a lovely collection of silicon falls and a very industrial handle, with a braided leather covering. It is still a work in progress, but it delivers a healthy wallop with a hearty dose of theatricality.

He also made a simple cane/switch. When I saw him sanding it, and attaching a leather strip to one end for a grip, I knew that it and I were going to meet. Him sanding it is part of his responsibility to take care of me. It is, as he says, that he gets to hurt me, but he will not injure me. Many people do not understand that about BDSM; I trust him to not do me irreparable harm. I trust him to look out for me. I trust him to take care of me.

Right now, I am in our kitchen. There are clips on my nipples, my ass has been warmed by strap, switch, and flogger. My dress is pulled up around my waist. I am concerned that my chair will become stained because I am so wet.

He says that I must cum four times in the next three hours.

Challenge accepted.


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