In our house, we have maintenance. Every day, in some way, there is discipline. Some call it “funishment”. For some, it is particular chores or activities. For us, it is most often impact play, though it has also been cuddling. It all depends on Sir’s mood, or on his reading of my mood. The discipline […]


We have been through every impact toy in the house. There will be new ones, periodically, but for now, we are done. This means that I get to experience whatever pleases Sir on the day during my maintenance. This will be interesting, because it opens up a whole new world of mix and match, multiple […]

Tennis, Anyone?

This week, we are exploring a paddle. A table tennis paddle, to be exact. Sir and I were out grocery shopping in one of those huge pan-opti-mega-marts, and wandered through the sporting goods and toys section. A lovely/interesting/not particularly surprising side-effect of BDSM is the creativity it inspires. Walking through shops is always a wonderland of […]

Lazy Morning

The other morning, Sir woke early, went downstairs for a while, then came back to bed. I said, “It’s a good thing you came back up when you did. My hand was in my crotch, and I was starting to idly masturbate. Thank you for coming back and saving me from myself, Sir.” Sir smirked, […]

To the Store

  Every morning, I text Sir at work to say good morning. “What is on the docket for today?” he asks. I dutifully send back a list of my activities for the day. Today, I had some cleaning to do, and I am meeting a friend later for drinks and laughter. “Alright,” comes back after […]

Ow! That Hurts. Do It Again.

Sir and I have been trying out different impact play implements; one per week. Last week was the strap. That was painful, but educational. The strap, and Sir upping the intensity of the upper limit of how hard he’ll hit me, forced me to deal with the pain. Before last week I had been able to tense […]

Good Night, Sir

Last night, in bed, Sir flipped the covers off of himself. He said I could say goodnight to his cock. He is already hard–a wonderful sight. I bend down, and gently kiss the underside of his shaft. “You can do better,” he says. He has the top-tone in his voice. The tone that makes me scramble to obey, […]