To the Store


Every morning, I text Sir at work to say good morning.

“What is on the docket for today?” he asks. I dutifully send back a list of my activities for the day. Today, I had some cleaning to do, and I am meeting a friend later for drinks and laughter.

“Alright,” comes back after a couple of minutes. “We need a new shower curtain, as you know. You will have to go out to pick that up, today. When you go out, I want you to wear your exercise balls*. They have to go in before you remove my collar.”

“Yes, Sir. It will be my pleasure.”

“Good girl. Also, pick up more yoghurt.”

I ate breakfast, and took care of a few things before getting ready to go to the shops. When I was almost ready to go, I grabbed my Kegel balls from my toy bag. Kneeling on the mat that Sir has designated as My Spot, I carefully insert the balls. I know that I am going to be walking to the shops, and getting them in right before leaving the house is kind of important. I text him,

“I’ve just inserted the balls. I’m at my spot in the living room, waiting for your permission to remove your collar.” It feels like forever before he responds.

“ Very good, Love. You may remove the collar and go about your outing. Let me know when you have returned home and/or if there are any questions while out.”

“Thank you, Sir. I will.”

I take off the collar. It always feels a bit odd right after it’s off. It also feels a bit weird right after it’s put back on, too. I put on my coat, grab my market basket, settle the Kegel balls again, and head outside.

It’s only a short walk to the shops. And I managed most of the way but, just as I got into sight of the grocery store, I felt the balls slip ever so slightly. Unfortunately, once they start to go, it’s beyond my current ability to get them back. I could feel them slip with every step. Just how does one keep unruly Kegel balls from running amuck and getting gross on the ground? I subtly pulled my arm out of my coat sleeve, wrapped myself up in my coat, and reached down and shoved those damned balls back in me.

“Just get to the store,” I muttered to myself, “There’s a bathroom. You can re-adjust.” I locked my thighs together and took what must have been very silly looking steps all the way to the store, and into the bathroom. Relief!

And why had it all gone so wrong? Well, they work. In my zeal to clench my Kegel muscles, the movement of the weights inside the balls became ever more titillating. Physical response; I started getting wet. Ever so slightly wonky placement and gravity meant everything was busting loose.

Carefully, I pushed the balls back inside me. I pulled them out, and pushed them in again. I washed my hands. I hoped that they were in a better position this time.

They weren’t. And the shops were full of people, making any adjustment exceptionally nerve-wracking. I rushed through my list, paid, and stopped back in at the bathroom.

I had to get them placed well enough that my own anatomy would help keep them inside. I fussed and fiddled for a few minutes, until everything felt as secure as I thought it could be. I washed my hands—I am not a monster—and started my walk home.

It worked! I got all the way home without any problems. Phew!

I hung up my coat, put away my hat, put away the cold stuff, and went to my place in the living room. Kneeling, I texted,

“I am back home, in my living room spot. Balls are still in, your collar is within reach. What would be your pleasure, Sir?”

A couple of minutes pass. I take advantage of the time to listen to the sounds of our house, and our neighbourhood. He responds,

“Replace the collar, before you remove the balls, masturbate to a double**. Remove and wash the balls before placing them on the table for later.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“You are welcome, Honey.”

Because Sir did not say I could use any toys, and I had none within reach, I thought it would be better to masturbate the old-fashioned way; with my hands. It felt like it took forever, but I managed.

*Kegel exercise balls, to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

**Double: to masturbate to orgasm, wait for specified time, then masturbate to orgasm again.


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