In our house, we have maintenance. Every day, in some way, there is discipline. Some call it “funishment”. For some, it is particular chores or activities. For us, it is most often impact play, though it has also been cuddling. It all depends on Sir’s mood, or on his reading of my mood.

The discipline of the house helps order the rhythm of my days. It was strange when Sir was in the woods for a couple of days. I was on my own, with agreed upon activities and actions, but other than that, I could not contact him.

Because I was not contacting Sir, asking him if I could masturbate, or should I remove the house collar before going out, I was able to revert for a couple of days to my old self.

I am a lazy, lazy, lazy woman.

Being out of the sub closet gives me access to tools that help me live a better life.

Being out of the sub closet makes me feel okay with being me.


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