Here and Now

Sir has had all day to think about how he is going to torment me this evening. I am both excited and nervous. This seems to be a place where he enjoys dallying, so excited nervousness it is. He stands me before him, near the table with all of the impact toys. I do not […]


Sunday brought its own special treat this past week. Sir left the bed early. I lazed among the rumpled bedclothes for a while, feeling warm and cared for. Lazy Sundays are the best. I dozed off again, and missed Sir’s footsteps as he came back into the bedroom. “Honey,” he said, “Time to get up. […]

Getting Back to Home, Part II

I had thought Sir would finish in my mouth, but he got off of the bed and stood alongside. He told me to present at the edge of the bed. I quickly moved, and got on my elbows and knees, ass raised. Then, the delicious wait and anticipation before he drove into my cunt. He […]

Getting Back to Home

Sir came home from his trip late (very late) last night. It was a pleasure to serve him. Getting him comfortable, giving him a massage, doing my best to let him know–through my actions–how happy I am that he is home. This morning, Sir had me greet his cock with a proper welcome home; i.e. […]

Home Alone

Sir is out of town for a few days. This is the first time he has been away for any length of time since he accepted me as his sub. In preparation, Sir paid extra attention to my maintenance before he left. It has been two days since he used the cane, a small paddle, […]

Doin’ it fer Jeebus

I greet Sir at the door. I hang his coat. I remove his shoes. I hand him a glass of water. I follow him to the kitchen, listening as he tells me about his day. He sets his briefcase down, opens his arms wide, and calls me to him for a big hug. He asks […]

On the Weekends…

On Saturdays and Sundays, the masturbation schedule changes to indulge Sir’s desire to watch me. On Saturdays, I may masturbate to dangerĀ if Sir is watching. Sundays, I may masturbate to climax, again, if Sir is watching. Last weekend, I asked leave to masturbate. Sir motioned me to my spot in the living room, and handed […]