House Rules

Life proceeds.

Sir brought home the house rules/protocols the other day. We are trying it out this week .

There are overall rules; daily duties, weekly duties, and we will be developing monthly duties as well. Sir has detailed a masturbation schedule (Do it for Jeebus Sundays, Two-Fer Tuesdays, etc.). Each day has its own maintenance number; that is, the number of blows. If there are any infractions of the house rules, each day has its own punishment index. If I fuck up, say on a Thursday, I get 15 extra blows for each fuck up. That is on top of the maintenance.

Every day, I am also tasked with choosing Sir’s clothing for the next day. Hello crash course on modern men’s fashion. Thank goodness I have a decent eye for colour and proportion. Thank goodness for Pinterest. And the whole, damn internet. Talk about resources!

Living a 24/7 BDSM life is a learning experience.


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