Voting Republican*, Twice

Last week Sir brought home the first version of the house rules. Every day has its own activities that benefit the house, that benefit Sir, and that benefit me. This week he introduced assignments; a weekly addition to the house rules. This week, after I ask permission to join Sir in bed, I must also ask if he requires service.

Today’s masturbation schedule is free choice doubles to completion. I can choose place, toy(s), and frequency, and must masturbate to orgasm, rest 30 seconds, then masturbate to orgasm again.

Because my days are so full, sometimes I forget to masturbate. Yes, it happens. Today, after running to the grocery store, I asked to replace the house collar. Sir said I could, but that I needed to take advantage of twofer Tuesday first.

I am quite the aficionado of, now. Currently, I am watching a lot of the device bondage videos. The invention, creativity, and artistry of some of the elaborate holding apparatuses is fantasy fuel for me.

Today was a struggle, though. 😦 I would come frustratingly close, then lose it. Isn’t that the worst? Knowing that I had to keep on until I came twice seemed nigh impossible.

Oh, it happened. Thanks to a high setting on my vibrator, the brilliant njoy toy, and All The Porn.

*HoneyCatastrophe’s preferred euphemism for masturbation…because it’s self-serving!



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