On the Weekends…

On Saturdays and Sundays, the masturbation schedule changes to indulge Sir’s desire to watch me. On Saturdays, I may masturbate to danger if Sir is watching. Sundays, I may masturbate to climax, again, if Sir is watching.

Last weekend, I asked leave to masturbate. Sir motioned me to my spot in the living room, and handed me my vibrator and another toy. I was to kneel, with my back to Sir, and vigorously vote Republican.

Kneeling on our living room floor, in the same spot where I iron Sir’s clothing, I pressed the vibrator against me. I slowly wet the njoy with my mouth and was rewarded by the sound of Sir’s rough inhalation followed by, “Yes.” I slipped it inside me, shifted until it hit my g-spot, then started to move, happily caught between the two toys.

It did not take long. I did not even notice Sir moving in front of me until he wrapped his hands around my chin and pushed my head back. I opened my eyes, staring into his, as my body twisted and pulled, trying to fly apart.

“Please may I come, Sir?” Sir was gracious.

“Come for me.”

And I shuddered and flew, him smiling down at me, for…for…it seemed like a very long time.

I love weekends.


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