Getting Back to Home

Sir came home from his trip late (very late) last night.

It was a pleasure to serve him. Getting him comfortable, giving him a massage, doing my best to let him know–through my actions–how happy I am that he is home.

This morning, Sir had me greet his cock with a proper welcome home; i.e. I get to be a cocksucker. It is my pleasure to do so, he has a beautiful cock.

He pushed into my throat and, as I bucked and did my damnedest to open up my throat, I could feel the moisture starting to build in my cunt. “Open, open, open,” he said as he held my collar, and me, in position. He pushed further into my mouth. I held my place as he backed off and then did it several more times. I am glad he is helping me become a more adept cocksucker.

I love to serve his needs.

This Thursday: Getting Back to Home, part II


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