Getting Back to Home, Part II

I had thought Sir would finish in my mouth, but he got off of the bed and stood alongside. He told me to present at the edge of the bed. I quickly moved, and got on my elbows and knees, ass raised. Then, the delicious wait and anticipation before he drove into my cunt.

He pushed into me. My wetness eased his path. Sir asked if I had a vibrator handy. I did, and he told me to use it on myself. He pulled wetness from my cunt with his hand as he thrust. He pulled the wetness back and up, lubricating my ass. He pulled out of my cunt and slid into my ass.

That initial thrust almost always makes me feel as if I am going to climax. I controlled myself–all those danger doubles are paying off–because I wanted to feel him moving in me.

“May I come, Sir?” I asked, almost ready to lose myself in sensation.


“May I come, Sir?” I asked.

“Now. Come right fucking now.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

We are home.


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