Sunday brought its own special treat this past week. Sir left the bed early. I lazed among the rumpled bedclothes for a while, feeling warm and cared for.

Lazy Sundays are the best.

I dozed off again, and missed Sir’s footsteps as he came back into the bedroom.

“Honey,” he said, “Time to get up. I have something for you to do.”

Eyes open, I rolled over to look at Sir. He stood, holding my current favourite combination of toys, grinning happily.

“Yes, Sir?” I said, sitting up and falling into the unfolding scene. Kneeling on the bed, waiting to hear his next instruction, I felt myself go wet.

“Today, since it is Easter, we will celebrate with a second coming. Here are your tools. Choose your spot here in the bedroom. Do a double.”

“To danger, Sir? Or to completion?”

“To completion.”

“Yes, Sir.” I took the vibrator and the stainless dildo from his hands. Kneeling up on the bed, I warmed the stainless steel. Sir watched the dildo as I moved it in and out of my mouth. He smiled.

“That’s a good girl.”

I pulled the dildo out between my lips, and slid it down my body. Cold, smooth steel gliding over my suddenly overheated skin made me shiver. I felt my cunt clench. Greedy bitch, wanting something in her.

Ah. Yes. The cold steel warmed quickly inside me. I angled it to press against my g-spot. The vibrator needed to be on and on me. I flicked the switch, and the low buzz of easy stimulation filled the air. Sir stepped up on the bed behind me, his legs pressed against my back. As I used the vibrator, Sir pinched my nipples. He ran his fingernails over my well marked ass. He pinched and scraped my skin then, as I got closer to my first orgasm, he began to spank me. At first, it jarred me out of my rhythm. Then I found myself working to his rhythm.

“Please, Sir,” I gasped.

“Did you want something? Speak up,” he said.

“Please, Sir, may I come, Sir?”


Oh yes. The orgasm made more by the pain of the spanking.

We paused. Waited for the minute to pass before starting on orgasm number two.

It almost always feels unobtainable, but it has always been worth the journey.

I started again. Sir stood behind me again, his hand gently around my throat, he pulled my head back and held it immobile against him while I worked my hips against my toys. The more into I got, the further back Sir held my head. Looking directly into his eyes I asked,

“Permission to come, Sir?” He came around to the front of me. He looked into my eyes, and said,

“Come. Come right now for me.”

And I flew, his eyes anchored me back to myself. As I came, he smiled.



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