Here and Now

Sir has had all day to think about how he is going to torment me this evening. I am both excited and nervous. This seems to be a place where he enjoys dallying, so excited nervousness it is.

He stands me before him, near the table with all of the impact toys. I do not know what he will choose.

“Strip,” he says. I pull off my clothing, more comfortable now being naked on command. My relationship with clothing has changed. It is less armor and more a wrapping, like for a gift. I am naked in moments.

Sir picks up a length of rope, and starts binding my arms behind my back. I stand, trying to ignore the million little itches that start up as soon as I lose use of my hands.

My shoulders are pulled back. My breasts feel cold, and my nipples are hard.

Sir pulls a gag made of rope from the rope basket and puts it in my mouth.

“This could go on for a bit,” he says as he tightens the gag. I feel moisture gathering between my legs. Today is going to be rough. Sir was not feeling well yesterday, so he added the maintenance from the day before to today. Yesterday’s minimum was 60. Today’s is 20. If I have not committed any infractions, that is still 80.

I am so nervous.

I am so excited.

He reaches into the basket again, and pulls out the clover clamps—the ones with the chain between them. He has not used the clamps on me for a while. I feel myself starting to whine inside. I breathe, conquering the noise that threatens to escape.

“Good girl,” he says. He caresses my left nipple, and attaches the first clamp. That shock of the powerful pinch makes me jump a little, but I breathe and settle. He does the same to my right nipple. I stagger a bit, but hang on. I clench the gag between my teeth a little harder, then let the breath out.

Pain management really is about breathing.

“I want you to remember to breathe,” he says, and starts flicking the flogger against my thighs and ass. Faster he goes, and I feel my knees getting weak.

Sir puts down a floor mat, and kneels me on it. He leans me forward until my forehead rests on the mat. He stands over me, his legs a convenient cage that holds me in place as he brings the flogger down on my ass.

The pain punctuates the spreading sting as my nerves roar to life. I feel the blush of blood rushing to the surface. Sir stops and runs his fingernails over the most recent strike.

My entire world becomes here and now. The pain centers and moors me beneath my Sir.

I do not want to be anywhere else.



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