In Service

In service, there are profundities to be found, if one is so inclined. Being a quiet, bookish, nerd tends to make me annoyingly introspective. In doing acts of service (laundry, shopping, cleaning, running errands, taking care of things for our lives, etc.), I find great comfort. It is as if the more loud and scary […]


Sir spent a good chunk of a day making a new house collar. It is beautiful. Scarlet-dyed, heavy boot leather with three attachment points. The edges are smoothed and sealed. Sir put a leather lining inside the collar to keep my skin from irritation. It is lighter and slightly more narrow than the original house collar. […]


“Strip,” Sir says. We stand in the living room. There is a door open to outside, and I can hear the noises in the neighbourhood. Sounds of people coming home from work, kids chasing each other, and dogs barking. It is both strange and wonderful to have this secret life behind such a thin façade. […]


Sir arranged for the fastest delivery of that Rolls Royce of vibrators, a Magic Wand—with the adjustable speed rheostat—after my other vibrator passed this vale of tears. Sir takes very good care of me. The package arrived Friday afternoon. Sir had me put it on the coffee table so I could look at it. However, he […]

A Sad Day

I have killed another vibrator. I did not mean to. I tried to be kind; charging as necessary, cleaning with gentle soap, did not throw it at walls… But it is dead. Like the parrot. It has crossed this vale of tears and joined the choir invisible. This creates a problem. A few weeks ago, […]

Playing Dress Up

When I was a child, I loved playing dress-up. I had a huge box of clothing, wonderful hand-me-downs from my mom and grandmother. I loved putting on the clothing and becoming a warrior, a goddess, an empress, a queen… Sometimes, I dress up for myself when I masturbate. Today was a dress up day. A […]

Out of Town

Sir is out of town on business this week. I still have my regular tasks, with additional check-ins and duties for Sir’s pleasure. Every day, in addition to the regular masturbation schedule, I am required to clip clothespins to myself. One for each day he is away, every day removing one. I am also to […]