Playing Dress Up

When I was a child, I loved playing dress-up. I had a huge box of clothing, wonderful hand-me-downs from my mom and grandmother. I loved putting on the clothing and becoming a warrior, a goddess, an empress, a queen…

Sometimes, I dress up for myself when I masturbate.

Today was a dress up day.

A long, dark green wig made me look mysterious and naughty. Sky-high stiletto platform pumps in screaming fuck-me red highlighted my long, fishnet-clad legs. A black lace garter belt, its small, red rose highlighting my curved belly.

I curled my hand around the small egg vibrator, and brought it to my clit. Already wet, I had a hard time getting it to hit the right spots. The unfamiliar feel of long hair slipped over my back, and teased the tips of my nipples. Wetness slid down my thighs. I ran my fingers through the slippery lubricant, and slid them inside me. Hooking my fingers, I jumped a bit when I hit my g-spot. Finding it, I pressed the vibrator against my clit, and pushed against the spot.

I must have been really primed, because I came like a shot.


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