A Sad Day

I have killed another vibrator.

I did not mean to. I tried to be kind; charging as necessary, cleaning with gentle soap, did not throw it at walls…

But it is dead. Like the parrot. It has crossed this vale of tears and joined the choir invisible.

This creates a problem.

A few weeks ago, Sir initiated weekly assignments that go above and beyond the daily rules for masturbation, chores, and duties. This week, I must have four orgasms a day. I cannot use the same toy(s) for each orgasm. I have toys, oh joy!, but not All The Toys. I will not let that keep me down.

I spent some time this afternoon re-acquainting myself with the things in my bag o’ toys.

Looks like some old friends are coming out to play. Do you remember the OMiBod–a vibrator that links with your music to vibrate in sync. (Toccata and fugue in D minor? Hot. Hollaback Girl? Revelatory.) And there is a wee, beginner, bullet vibe that I bought for the novelty of buying a vibrator at a Target store. It is adorable, but not really vibrate-y. More frustrating than satisfying…though that has its uses. My JeJoue egg is charged up and ready to go. The WeVibe is charging.

And batteries…? Damn. Road trip.

There are always my hands.


FYI: These are my actual toys, bought over time. I am not receiving any compensation for links.


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