Sir arranged for the fastest delivery of that Rolls Royce of vibrators, a Magic Wand—with the adjustable speed rheostat—after my other vibrator passed this vale of tears. Sir takes very good care of me.

The package arrived Friday afternoon. Sir had me put it on the coffee table so I could look at it. However, he did not allow me to open it. There it sat, glowering, a box of future orgasms just out of reach.

Sir came home, excited about his maintenance plan for that evening. I was both excited and a bit scared.

I have seen videos with the Magic Wand.

Sir opened the box, pulled out the Magic Wand and its rheostat, and plugged it in. When he turned it on, it seemed okay. Powerful, but okay. Then he showed me the top speed.

I might die.

Sir had me strip down to my bra and my Converse All-Stars. It would be, as he said, cute. I like it because I do not have to think about what I am wearing; Sir will adjust for his enjoyment. I find that liberating.

Sir made a rope harness for the Magic Wand. It wrapped over and around my hips, plunging down between my legs, and up between my ass cheeks. The vibrator pressed hard against my clit. Trouble was coming. I would be too.

He secured my arms behind me with another rope harness. He helped me down to my knees and leaned me over a box for support.

He turned the vibrator on. It was set to low. He began flogging me, periodically turning up the power. My body did not know what to do. The vibrator compelled my response. The flogger demanded my full attention. I was caught between warring sensations—which was divine.

Sir had me straighten up, but still kneeling, as he turned the vibrator on most of the way. He held me against him. I could not do anything but shake, the intensity of on-coming orgasms unstoppable. My spasms were so powerful that, even though Sir is strong, I was pitching both of us back and forth on the floor.

Here they come!

And they came. And came. And came. I could not tell where one began and another ended. I keened and screamed so much that Sir had to gag me with his hand. I gasped and shuddered and flailed, lost in Orgasmegeddon


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