The Triplets

As a reward recently, Sir gave me permission to do triples. That is masturbating to completion three times, with a minute rest in between. He had other things to do, so I was left alone to choose where, when, and how I was going to get myself off.

Luckily, having worked with doubles for a while, I knew that I could manage two. But three seemed a bit daunting. If I succeeded, yay! If I failed, well, the trip was fun.

I grabbed that Rolls Royce of vibrators, the Magic Wand, and my stainless steel g-spot stimulator and settled into my living room spot. I opened up PornHub, found something that worked–not easy as the videos definitely cater to the male viewer–and turned the vibrator on.

Starting cold means that I am not wet. But a few minutes of the vibrator and I can feel the slickness start. I slowly work the stainless steel g-spot toy into me. As it slowly slides, the cold steel is a welcome shock against my flesh. I angle it to hit my g-spot with every thrust. I close my eyes and listen to the sounds of D/s coming from my computer, imagining that it is me.

Wow. That first one came out of nowhere.

Oh. And the second.

Well damn, there’s the third.

I could not stop shaking, and the keening noise was me, trying to come down after. It was not working.


Okay. My brain started working again. I gathered my toys, cleaned them, and put them away. I sent my thank yous to Sir.

I thought that was going to be it for me. I was wrong.

A while later, I do not know why, another triple seemed like a great idea. I got myself settled again, and started. New pr0n for audio inspiration–Which is interesting, that the visual does not get me off the way the sounds do.–and bend to my task.

And stopped a few minutes later because it was not happening. But I have already started. Grrrr.

Ah, I chose wisely this time. Lots of yelping and urgent-sounding commands highlighted by the sounds of permission asked to come, and the release. Such a turn-on for me.

Ah, yeah. There we go. One.

Two? It was mild, more a relaxation than an orgasmic spasm, but nice. What about that third? Could it happen? My stomach muscles are sore, my mouth is dry, and I don’t know if I can…



A slow build to a soothing release, followed by delicious shivers as my muscles relax.

Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Sir.


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