Let’s Get Real, Here

How do you live D/s in the real world? Sure, we all have fantasies of the mindreader top in a world where no one ever gets a cold, has a difficult job, is in a bad mood, or any of the other things we all have to deal with. However, we live in the real world.

Sir and I had our first bout of dealing with a cold recently. I came down with an annoying upper respiratory infection that quickly settled into my chest. Sir was uncomfortable doing the regular maintenance, and I could not get it together to uphold my regular routine.

We found, however, that a week and half without the comforting routine of D/s maintenance felt bad for the both of us.

Our first maintenance session back, Sir laid me over his lap. It was such a relief for him to use his hand on me. Yes it hurt, that is the point. The re-establishment of funishment/punishment felt right. And I felt as if I was finally home.


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