Fit to be Tied

Sir tied me up recently. It has been a busy couple of months, with family obligations and work taking precedence. This has meant no time for tying. *sad face* For me, being restrained is a favourite. It makes Sir laugh as I drip moisture down my thighs even after the ropes have been removed. I […]

Sitting in Clover (Clamp Land)

This week’s assignment is to use each set of two clover clamps for five minutes each, every day. I can use them anywhere on my body except my arms. I have a silver pair and a black pair. That will be 10 minutes total. The black set is attached with a chain. Because clover clamps […]


All this week my assignment is to follow Monday’s rule for masturbation; free range to danger. Any orgasm, if granted, is at Sir’s pleasure. I like to use the forays into danger as little (frustrating) rewards for getting tasks done. Knowing that after that last shirt is ironed, or that last word written, I get […]

Iced Lightning

I am bent over a table, legs spread far apart. I wear the house collar. Its rings jangle with every blow of the strap. Maintenance counts are always in fives. Today, I count down or up to five, as it pleases Sir. Sometimes he has me count in other languages, or come up with words in a […]


I started a new job recently, after being out of the market for a while. I am having to learn how to balance work and my kink. It does make coming home more of a Big Deal since the house collar goes on only at home. This should be interesting; juggling house duties, maintenance, the […]