All this week my assignment is to follow Monday’s rule for masturbation; free range to danger. Any orgasm, if granted, is at Sir’s pleasure.

I like to use the forays into danger as little (frustrating) rewards for getting tasks done. Knowing that after that last shirt is ironed, or that last word written, I get to have a “voting Republican*” experience is motivation to get through.

After every danger session, I must text Sir my thanks. I must have done well, for he granted me an orgasm last evening–as long as I could get there in five minutes.

I got there in three. And, after three days of frustrating edge-play, it was a spectacular orgasm. I could not stop spasming. The merry ringing of the collar rang through the house.


*Voting Republican: My favourite euphemism for masturbation; because it’s self-serving.


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