Sitting in Clover (Clamp Land)

This week’s assignment is to use each set of two clover clamps for five minutes each, every day. I can use them anywhere on my body except my arms.

I have a silver pair and a black pair. That will be 10 minutes total. The black set is attached with a chain. Because clover clamps are kind of long, any movement is magnified. When they are on, I can feel them shifting–gently bobbing–as I go about my day. It is more noticeable with the black set, as the chain sways no matter what I do. Even breathing makes them move.

I asked Sir if he wanted photographic proof of placement. He said he would like a photograph, but that I did not have to send it to him. He also reserves the right to accept or deny the total 10 minutes or, I assume, any portion thereof. I am trying to remember to take an after picture, showing the indentations in my skin from the clamps.


It has been a while since clover clamps made an appearance. I am disappointed with how much they still hurt. But I suppose that is the point.

Part of the fun is figuring out placement. There is a part of me that hopes Sir finds the placement exciting, or surprising. The scary part is how very tender my flesh is.



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