Sir and I took a much-needed vacation, which was lovely.

Sir arranged for a tour of the San Francisco Armory, currently the enormous home of If you are in the area, it is a fascinating look at a porn studio that specialises in BDSM as well as classes and workshops in the subject. They are also active in the community, providing space and resources for people in the Mission District.

Our fellow tourists were a great mixed bag of people; including one journalist and her photographer. The tour was lead by an IT/comedian/porn star who did a marvelous job. We were encouraged to ask questions, take all the pictures we wanted (as long as we got the consent of other people–if they would be in the picture), and be big sex nerds.


It was strange to see the sets that feature so prominently in the porn I watch. Titillating and surreal; a bizarre combination. I was particularly interested in the Device Bondage set. It was cool to see all the holes drilled into the walls and floor, knowing that every one represented someone’s bondage and happy torment.

Kind of hot.

It was also a chance to see how some of the apparatuses worked, and how they use plumbing fittings to quickly change out and re-configure the devices. Sir walked away looking very thoughtful.


The tour ended on the Upper Floor set. It is an Edwardian-themed few rooms that are set up for dinner parties, socialising, and–oh yes–tormenting slaves. The inspiration is the Story of O. Lots of cabinets with toys (all scrupulously cleaned) and multi-purpose furniture, along with purpose-built furniture. A beautiful whipping horse and St. Andrew’s cross took pride of place in the rooms.

So, if you are in San Francisco, check out the SF Armory/ Lots of ideas, inspiration, and fun.


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