Sir and I recently took a driving vacation. It was a great road trip visiting some of our more colourful cities and natural attractions. Fantastic drive with amazing sights (and sites), interesting people, a learning more about each other.

Including kink.

The tour of got us talking about what this comparatively recent lifestyle change has done for us. What is working. What isn’t working. Despite the fantasy of the psychic Dom and the endlessly up-for-anything bottom, talking to each other about wants/needs/desires fuels the flames.

This time, travelling and kink is more about mind-games and mind-sets than physical play. Sir bent me over his knee for a good spanking in a couple of the hotels that we stayed in. He would smack or grab my ass, or simply put his hand on me, as the mood hit. My service was about remembering proper out-of-home protocols, like:

  • When saying “thank you” using his preferred term of public address
  • Not to walk in front of him (Really difficult. I tend to barrel ahead, charging into dangers both large and small.)
  • Asking permission to join him on the bed (I missed more times than I got right.)

Which do not seem like much, but they are difficult. Sir kept count and waited to punish my indiscretions till we got home. And, rather than doing a straight count, he assigned a minute for every faux pas.

I like the time method for play. It makes it easier to concentrate on the sensations. There is no part of my mind struggling to count strokes, calculating how much longer I need to hold on. It is a release of the unstoppable need to quantify what is happening.

Travel is, as they say, broadening.




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