Orgasms as Maintenance

While a lot of our daily maintenance involves impact play, Sir likes to shift things around. Recently, Sir assigned me three orgasms before I would be allowed into bed. It was also a day where the masturbation requirement is that I may masturbate to danger, but only if Sir is watching. I knew that his orgasm requirement took precedence over the edge-play. I also knew that I would have to ask permission before coming each time.

In the rush to clarify what toy(s)/methods I could use, I forgot to thank Sir for the assignment. *sigh* Sir assigned an additional orgasm for that oversight.

I know I can do three orgasms via masturbation in a timely way. But four?

I grabbed the Magic Wand and came back to the bedroom. I knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and, at Sir’s nod, turned on the vibrator.

Because it is for Sir’s pleasure, I find it a lot easier to get out of my own way. I don’t question if he likes what I am doing; he has told me what he wants.

I feel myself getting slick and the tell-tale tremors roll through my cunt.

“Sir, may I please come?”


“Thank you, Sir!”

As the tremors faded away, Sir said,

“I want you to count each orgasm as you come. Starting with two for the next one.”

I was relieved that he did not tell me to start again with one.

I started again.

“May I please come Sir?”

“Come. Come now.”

“Two! Two, Sir!” I collapsed on the floor, calming a bit so I could breathe.

I started number three. I stopped. I started again.

It wasn’t happening. Determined, I continued. Almost in tears, I finally felt an orgasm coming on.

“Sir, may I come Sir?”



On to number four.

Number four. Number four.

Hell’s bells.

I had to stop a few times. My body didn’t know what to do. Things hurt, and I didn’t know if I’d have the strength for another orgasm.

“Sir! Sir! May I come, Sir?”



Made it.



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