Rough Days

Some days are rough on either Sir or me, or both of us. Maintenance re-connects us with each other. It also re-connects me with myself.

Sir had a hard day at work recently. He apologised for not being more creative with that day’s maintenance. But some days, bare hand meeting bare ass is enough. The simplicity and immediacy are the turn-ons. And being bent over his lap? Magic.

When he spanks me, he concentrates on that sweet spot where thigh meets glute; that delicate, tender, hidden spot that always lands on the chair seat. Sir takes particular delight when we are out and there are hard benches or stools. He gets such joy from my slight wince and/or indrawn breath.

It is becoming slightly easier to let go of my need to control my responses. To simply react is a luxury, and one that I wallow in whenever I can manage.

That is one of the things that I am saying thank you for, when I thank Sir for his maintenance.


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