Not Today, Honey

Thursdays are no masturbation days. Sir has designed the week with rising and falling levels of frustration and completion. It is on Thursday nights that I find myself idly sleep masturbating, kind of. And my dreams are all weird and erotic. No masturbation, but kind of a mind fuck. Because Sir is generally home Thursday […]

Tuesday, 2x

Today is a Tuesday. That means Two-Fer Tuesdays; I can masturbate to completion. It must be in twos; so two orgasms each session. I must do at least two Two-Fers during the course of the day. I’ve just finally gotten to the first set. It has been busy. Working BDSM into my daily life is […]

Kegels and Mowing

Today, I mowed the lawn. A mundane task. A necessary task. A boring task… …Unless Sir stipulates that I must insert the Kegel balls while doing this chore. Which he did. There is something naughty about doing yard work while keeping Kegel balls (a.k.a. Benwa balls) from running amuck. My muscles are getting stronger, but […]

Not Today

I stand at the sink, washing dishes. Singing to myself; bits and pieces of songs, made-up songs; and the rings on my collar occasionally reverberate. They sing too! And I can feel the metal vibrate against my neck. It is like Sir is dragging his finger tip, barely, along my skin. Dishes are done. I […]