Not Today

I stand at the sink, washing dishes. Singing to myself; bits and pieces of songs, made-up songs; and the rings on my collar occasionally reverberate. They sing too! And I can feel the metal vibrate against my neck. It is like Sir is dragging his finger tip, barely, along my skin.

Dishes are done. I sink to my knees in the kitchen. My right hand reaches between my legs. I am already wet. I could feel the slick slide on my thighs as I washed.

Slowly, I circle my clit with my fingers. My hips buck once, twice, then settle into a counterpoint with my hand.

Outside, neighbourhood noises split the air. A car, a lawnmower, dogs barking…

I feel that moment when climaxing seems inevitable. Like there is no stopping it. For a moment, even disobeying Sir’s orders seems like a good idea. But I stop. I pull my hand away, gasp a few breaths, shiver…

…And continue with my day.


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