Kegels and Mowing

Today, I mowed the lawn.

A mundane task. A necessary task. A boring task…

…Unless Sir stipulates that I must insert the Kegel balls while doing this chore. Which he did.

There is something naughty about doing yard work while keeping Kegel balls (a.k.a. Benwa balls) from running amuck. My muscles are getting stronger, but it is still an adventure.

Every step; getting the lawn mower from the garage, finding the power cord, dragging everything around to the front garden; accompanied by the counter-movement of the balls inside me. Keeping my muscles clenched to keep everything in place also makes every tremor of the balls more acute. Which gets me wet. Which makes it more difficult to keep everything in place.

Add to that trying not to kill myself with the mower, as well as not run over ornamental plants…well, quite an endeavour.

It is also a day where I am not permitted to masturbate.


One front garden mowed. Weeds pulled. Plants watered. Vague plans–befuddled by lust–for a new seating area in the back. Success.

Frustrated, horny success.


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