Tuesday, 2x

Today is a Tuesday. That means Two-Fer Tuesdays; I can masturbate to completion. It must be in twos; so two orgasms each session. I must do at least two Two-Fers during the course of the day.

I’ve just finally gotten to the first set. It has been busy. Working BDSM into my daily life is sometimes a little strange, schedule-wise.

Today, Sir did not have me insert Kegel balls or any other toys while I did the shopping. That makes for a more focused trip.

Getting home, being domestic, then realising that the day was ticking by. I know, who forgets to masturbate?

Me. Apparently.

I unbuckled my belt and shoved my jeans down to my knees. I knelt on the floor, hand already sliding through the slickness. Shoving my pants to one side, I slid home my favourite, stainless steel toy. It is curved so I can hit my G-spot, and I do. Wetness splashes from me. The low hum of the vibrator as I turn it on, and pressed it to my clit.

I came. Nigh instantaneously. I pulled the vibrator off of me.

I collapsed and watched the second hand on my watch count out a full minute. Then I laid the vibrator against my clit again. It took a few, judicious, in-and-outs with my stainless steel friend* and…

I came again.

What a glorious mess. I cleaned up. I sent Sir a text, thanking him for my orgasms.

*I should name my favourite, shouldn’t I? I would go with Steely Dan, but I have bad associations with the name. Dick? Dick Steele? OH! Richard Orville Steele; i.e., Dick O. Steele


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