Dungeon? *laughter*

We are not people who have a dungeon. Or a “red room of pain”, or anything like that. Currently, our play mostly takes place in the living room and the bedroom. When we made the change to our lives, I spent some time re-configuring curtains and making more curtains for privacy. The implements/toys are arranged […]

Whippy Cane

Sir hid a new cane among the other toys. He laughed when I missed seeing it several times. It was right out in the open, too. The new cane is short, super-flexible, and has a darling, red silicone handle. It is very whippy. Sir had me remove my trousers and kneel in my spot on […]


TEXT MESSAGE: Honey: Good morning, again. I am about to leave for work. May I please remove the collar, Sir? Sir: You may, Love. After you pull a double. Now. Honey: Yes, Sir. Everything in me was ready to walk out the front door and go to work. But Sir had other ideas. The night […]


As Sir pulls me into his lap, he wraps his arms around me. He has my right wrist in his left hand, and my left wrist in his right hand. He pulls me closer, tightening his grip. I feel myself going wet. My hips hitch ever so slightly. I can feel the ridge of him […]

Device Bondage

Sir has been watching device bondage videos. They have given him Ideas. I am both excited and nervous. Sir enjoys my nervous anticipation, I believe. Recently, Sir had me kneel facing the back on a dining chair. He attached his leather braces to the chair rung, and pulled me forward to clip the braces to […]


Sir and I walk to the store. Even then, there is an opportunity for BDSM play. I am required to stay on Sir’s side, the farthest from the street, while walking with him. I am also required to stay half a step behind him. It is getting easier, making the transition from his one side […]

A Mini-Break

Real life sometimes gets in the way of BDSM. While set-in-stone protocols are aspirational, reality makes us adjust. We do maintenance every day; except when life gets hectic and we have to forego the ritual. This is hard, because both Sir and myself find comfort in the daily reinforcment of our dynamic. Coming back to […]