I Want to Hear You

Sir occasionally gets a wild hair, and decide that he wants an aural treat.

He will send me upstairs with toys. His only instruction; “I want to hear you come.”

I go up the stairs, trailing power cords. I hang onto my stainless steel dildo, while hurrying along in case he changes his mind.

Upstairs, I plug in and I plug in. I make a guess and assume that Sir does not want to only hear me come. He wants the whole ride. And I know he wants an honest experience, so no exaggerated porn moans and groans.

This is fine. I think if I tried to fake it, I would break down in helpless giggles.

That porn sex noise sounds so similar from model to model. It is no wonder that many men do not know that women’s orgasms can take many forms. Sometimes it is silent, like a really great stretch after a really good yawn–quiet, but satisfying in a way like no other. Sometimes it makes me yell. It is a strange, guttural shout that comes from my belly. Those are lovely. And there are so many more. I never know what sort will hit..

I confess, too, that this satisfies my exhibitionistic side.

As I stroke over my g-spot with my slowly warming dildo, I shudder. I hear my own voice start to waver as the ripples move through me. I circle my hips. Lick my lips. And move again as my voice starts to rise.

“Sir!” I call out, “May I please come?”

“Come now.”

Oh, yeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss.

I hope Sir is pleased.



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