Oh, Damnit

Sir has set one of the dining room chairs in the living room. It faces him.

I am naked, but for the house collar. We have already been through maintenance, and my body is still super-sensitive. We are still in Scene, so I wait for his lead.

“Sit there,” he says. I do. He hands me the vibrator and the stainless steel dildo.

“You have to come before I do,” he says, “Go.”

I am still a little loopy from the endorphins released through the stripes on my skin. But I start the vibrator and slide it against my clitoris. A few moments, a brief adjustment on speed/intensity, and I slide the cold steel into me. My eyes close, and I start to work the dildo.

I feel myself riding the wave when suddenly, my right shoulder seizes up. It is like my muscles have been pinched. I switch the vibrator from between my legs to my shoulder. As I do this, I mutter, “Ow. Ow. Ow.” Sir stops and asks what is up. I explain, and he switches over to caretaker mode.

This. This is what it is all about.

After a few minutes, I decide to try again. It has been days since I have had an orgasm. Sir asks if I am sure. Oh yes. I am very sure. I will be getting that orgasm. It has become the most fabulous thing in the world for me.

I start again, cautious of the pained shoulder and the headache that threatens.

It does not take long.



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