To write about sexy things, sexy thoughts, sexxoring when one is not in the mood is a really interesting exercise in the craft of writing.

The sexy times that I share here are all reality-based. I do combine events, tighten up timelines, and allow some poetic licence. However, the core is accurate.

Sir has me write two entries a week on this blog. The last few weeks have been crazy busy; I started a new contract with a company, Sir is working on an upcoming event. Our schedules are over-full right now. I have to admit, the writing slipped into the cracks.

Sir noticed that there were no new entries for three weeks. My assignment this week has been to write six posts by this coming Tuesday. That means writing at least one post every day.

It is one thing to have the luxury of waiting for inspiration, and quite another to have to produce more sensual/sexual content within a limited time. But writing is a craft, and one can–and probably should–force content. It is what separates the tourists from the travellers.

Several friends who ghostwrite trashy romance novels find writing sex scenes incredibly tedious. Yet they manage.

I am not having to write a novel to spec with required sexxoring scenes. Just these little vignettes into my world of BDSM.


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