Sir got a new toy to go along with the ball gag. He got a TAZapper. It delivers a snap of power–not too strong–but enough to get one’s attention.

My first encounter with the zapper was during our San Francisco Armory tour. The tour guide pulled one out as we checked out the prop warehouse. She asked if anyone wanted a taste. Sir gave permission, and I got zapped by a porn star. Okay, it was my hand but…porn star!

When I came back to Sir’s side, he asked if I liked it.

“Yes, my Love,” using out of the house protocol, “I do.”

“We’ll have to see about getting one of those at some point.”

Some point arrived.

The first time with the zapper, Sir tied me to a dining room chair. His beautiful, fine, red rope immobilised me. He improvised a blindfold.

Let the games begin.

I could hear the button being pressed, but could not know where Sir would choose. The anticipation was nerve-wracking, and exciting. Every time it landed, I jumped. I even jumped when he did not depress the button; a little edge that fueled excitement. Add a little nervous sweat, and the conductivity of the zapper increased.

I believe that this new toy will be a lot of fun.


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