A Mini-Break

Real life sometimes gets in the way of BDSM. While set-in-stone protocols are aspirational, reality makes us adjust.

We do maintenance every day; except when life gets hectic and we have to forego the ritual. This is hard, because both Sir and myself find comfort in the daily reinforcment of our dynamic. Coming back to daily maintenance after a break is challenging.

The schedules have been very full recently. Maintenance has had to take a back seat to adulting. However, last evening, Sir found some time to devote to our ritual.

Starting again has its own challenges. My stamina suffers when we stop. My ability to work through the pain lessens. The “how” is still there, but the practice is rusty.

It was a fight to remember to breathe from my belly and to do my damndest to relax my muscles as much as possible. Under tension, we tend to breathe higher in the chest. The problem with that is the breaths become more and more shallow; making losing consciousness a real possibility.

Passing out is bad. No one wants it. Feeling light-headed is the first symptom that I have gone on too long without breathing deeply. Trying to gather my thoughts, get it together, all while being distracted by impact play.

It is easy to think that all the bottom has to do is take the blow. But it is not that simple. For me, it is breathing deep, relaxing (and re-relaxing) my muscles, and trying not to anticipate the next one. All while remaining still. Some have called the feeling meditative; relaxed, but alert.

All I know is that maintenance is an important part of our lives.




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