Back Issues II

Still on the injured/reserve list. Backs are stupid. Right now, I want to get to where the pain is endurable and I can start regularly exercising again. I want my body to be better, because it affects our BDSM. A bad back is a great excuse to wear my corsets. It is interesting wearing a […]

Back Issues/Future Fun

I am a day late on my blog-writing schedule. (Tuesdays and Thursdays) I am on the sofa; a decidely not-sexy corset tightened around my body. (Still got some curves accentuated by the corset, though. That’s nice.) My back is borked, and I could not feel less provocative and/or seductive. Sir has given me respite from […]


There are moments, as I feel the ropes looping around my body, where I think, “Oh god, what have I gotten myself into?” Then something itches and every bit of me is paying attention to that itch that I cannot do anything about. It is strange to be totally dependent on Sir for something as […]


Sir has made two different collars for me to wear. One is gorgeous, red leather with three rings on it. The rings jangle as I move. The other is red and black leather, says “Perfect Wife” on it, and has a little cat bell. I also have a lovely, discreet, day collar that never comes […]

Unknown Unknowns

I am fairly new to the practice of BDSM. However, I have been fascinated by it since I was a teenager. Thanks to being a nerd, I studied the practice through fiction and non-fiction. I read The Story of O, the Sleeping Beauty trilogy, Poppy Z. Brite’s works. I read non-fiction accounts by practitioners. There have […]


Sir is kind. He bought a present for himself, that I get to wear. Brilliant, platform, high-heeled, ankle boots in leopard print! They are decadent and divine. They are challenging to walk in, but they amuse Sir so much. He brought them home. He had me put them on right away. I was so excited; […]

Heavy Cane

It is Friday. Today’s masturbation challenge is only after five p.m. and only left-handed. It is a great way to not fall into a rut. And one-handed! Gracious. Sir has used the heavy cane this evening. I like the heavy cane. I did not expect to like the heavy cane. I did not dread it. […]