I kneel on the the chair, facing the back, ankles crossed and bound. My arms are crossed and bound behind my back. I am balanced on my knees. The house collar is clipped to the back of the chair. My own weight pulls me back, but the collar only allows me to go so far. Suspended by neck and knees; unsteady. Helpless.

Sir is near. He will not leave me alone in this position. I hear the swish of the cane as he loosens up; heightening tension for the upcoming maintenance. My position makes me tense, and it is a struggle to try to relax into what is coming.

I breathe.

A line of fire erupts across my ass. I yelp and flinch. The chair shimmies. Deep breath. Deep breath.


All of the sudden I feel as if I cannot handle this. I want out. I want to get away. I want…

B r e a t h e

I can totally do this.

“I want you to count down from 10. These are going to be fast, Honey.”

“Yes, Sir.”




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