It is Tuesday

I put real life aside for a short while. My MagicWand and my nJoy stainless steel toy are waiting. I have cushioned the floor with a towel so my knees don’t get too sore. is queued up and ready to go. It is Two-fer Tuesday. I am going to come two times in the […]


Sir has me kneeling on a kitchen chair. I am painfully aware of the open curtains throwing light on my slightly reddened, bare ass. I am tied to the chair, utterly dependent on Sir’s care and concern for me. “Count down from 30, Honey. By twos. In Italian. With a ‘Thank you, Sir.’” My mind […]


I kneel on the floor. Halfway between sitting on my heels and simply kneeling; Sir has put me into a stress position. I hope I can hang on, but my quads are shaking. I really need to get my butt in gear and start exercising regularly. Hmph. BDSM as an exercise enhancer/enabler?  Sir hands me a […]


I had to run an errand the other night. Sir had spanked and fingered me on the sofa. He asked, “It has been quite a while since I have had you wear a toy out.” My heart beat a little faster–though whether from glee or nerves, I was not certain. Sir looked up at the […]


*Heightened Reality are entries that are fantasy versions of actual play. There is always some truth in the mix… Sir has texted me. He is on his way home. I am up to my elbows in dishes, wet crumbs, and soapy water. I finish washing the dishes–the rule is that there are no dishes in […]

[title goes here]

Another no-masturbation Thursday. I find that I like the restrictions on my solo endeavours. They give these selfish acts purpose and meaning; even if that purpose and meaning is only for Sir and me. It is liberating, in a way, to have these restrictions around my life. I like knowing what the rules are. Perhaps […]

Over the Knee

My back is starting to feel enough better that Sir has re-instated daily maintenance. Still not completely better, but Sir has adapted. I am being turned over his knee and spanked. So classic. So hands-on. So effective. What surprises me is how much I prefer the over-the-knee approach. I did not, in the past, think […]