Over the Knee

My back is starting to feel enough better that Sir has re-instated daily maintenance. Still not completely better, but Sir has adapted.

I am being turned over his knee and spanked. So classic. So hands-on. So effective.

What surprises me is how much I prefer the over-the-knee approach. I did not, in the past, think that spanking would work for me. But it does.

Sir does not use just his hand. He also works in short-throw toys like the table tennis paddle we found, a short leather strap…all terribly, wonderfully effective.

The position is very supportive of my back. I drape myself over his knees as he sits on the couch. Sir starts by running his hands over my ass, “waking up” my skin. I concentrate on breathing. The first blows hit, hard enough to be noticeable, but not too heavy. Slowly he builds the intensity. I breathe more consciously as the blows get heavier. Periodically, he stops and runs his hand over my skin. He’s waiting for the sting to come up; which it does. Then he continues.

When my skin is bright pink, Sir is pleased.


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