I kneel on the floor. Halfway between sitting on my heels and simply kneeling; Sir has put me into a stress position. I hope I can hang on, but my quads are shaking. I really need to get my butt in gear and start exercising regularly. Hmph. BDSM as an exercise enhancer/enabler? 

Sir hands me a condom. I carefully pinch the tip as I roll the condom down. I follow with my mouth, taking him in as far as I can. My reward? Sir’s indrawn breath of pleasure and his muttered, “So good, Honey.”

He puts his hand on my head and stills me. He pushes into my mouth. I let my throat go slack, and relax as his cock fills me. I can feel the reaction tears welling up, but it doesn’t matter because I am pleasing Sir.

When he pulls back, I wrap my hand around the shaft and pump it in time with the bobbing of my head. Every so often I pull his cock in deep. I love hearing Sir react.


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