I stand at the foot of the bed.

“Strip,” Sir says. I do.

“Hands and knees on the bed,” I do. “Move up.” I do. “Close your eyes.”

I hear the toy bag opening and the *snap* of the electric zapper. Sir had me bring it to the bedroom. I am both excited and scared.

“Open your mouth.” He puts a stainless steel toy in my mouth, pushing it in a little deeper until I gag. Then he backs off a little. Then pushes it in again. “Should be warm now.”

He slides the toy into me. He switches on the vibrator and guides my hand to hold it against my clit. He moves the toy in me, hitting my G-spot with every stroke. Then he pulls me to my knees, guides my other hand to the toy. I feel him move in front of me and his condom-clad cock is at my mouth.

I open my mouth, and he pushes into the back of my throat. I am effectively gagged, but I need to ask permission to come.

“Are you trying to ask something, Honey?”

A garbled yes falls out of my mouth.

“Ask again.”

I do my best, and Sir says,

“Yes. Come now. Come right now.”

Almost before he finishes the sentence I am shivering and shaking and screaming around Sir’s cock in my mouth.


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