Reading, Again

It is late. Sir sleeps next to me on our bed. I am curled up around my e-reader. Its dim glow keeps me reading lots of smut until the wee hours. I tried to read the infamous “Fifty Shades of Grey” once. It did not go well. I watched the movie–and spent most of it […]

Tuesday Twos

Today is two orgasms, in a row. ¬†Twice. At least twice, that is. It is early afternoon, and I have yet to get to my first set. I know that writing this will get my head going in the right direction. This is a sort of exhibitionism. Even as I write, my head is already […]


This week we are back to the regular masturbation schedule. Today is no-fun Thursday. This, of course, hones my attention to all things sensual. It makes for a very relaxed–and slightly frustrated–day. I am trying to re-create a hat lining for one of Sir’s hats. I’ve cut out the old lining and started flattening it […]

New Tie

Sir tried a new tie on me. I liked it because of the spiraling of the lines up my legs. He arranged it so that the rope slid snugly into the crease of my leg where it dips down to meet my cunt. One side was delightful. Both sides treated like that were gloriously frustrating. […]


… I feel something slick and lubed slide into me. I shift a little; falling into my body. (That is a favourite bit. When the thinking part of my brain shuts down and I am simply feeling and reacting.) There. He hits my G-spot. He sees my reaction, and homes in on it. I hear […]


I have been kneeling here for a while. I am blindfolded. My hands are bound in front of me. My knees are spread wide. Something nudges my lips. I swallow, then open my mouth. The smooth silicone of a ball gag slides in. I hear the buckle as it is tightened at the back of […]


As I sit on the sofa and read, I find myself idly stroking my left breast. Not to any purpose, but a reassuring thing. Neither Sir nor myself have been at the tops of our games recently. Between colds and bad backs and… There is still an undercurrent of desire. But it seems to have […]