I feel something slick and lubed slide into me. I shift a little; falling into my body.

(That is a favourite bit. When the thinking part of my brain shuts down and I am simply feeling and reacting.)

There. He hits my G-spot. He sees my reaction, and homes in on it. I hear the buzz of the vibrator being turned on. Then it is on me. My body arches and bows at his command as he plays with moving either the dildo or the vibrator in different ways.

“Don’t come,” he reminds me. I am as tense as a bowstring. I manage to nod. Then, suddenly, it is too much. As best as I can, I ask for permission to come. The ball gag garbles my words so I am reduced to a pleading noise.


And I do. I can feel Sir protecting my body as it thrashes in orgasm. I drench the floor beneath me. It takes a while for the last vestiges to fade.

“Good girl.”


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