This week we are back to the regular masturbation schedule.

Today is no-fun Thursday. This, of course, hones my attention to all things sensual. It makes for a very relaxed–and slightly frustrated–day.

I am trying to re-create a hat lining for one of Sir’s hats. I’ve cut out the old lining and started flattening it out. But it was an old hat and it…well, it needed washing. Standing over the sink, warm water trickling over the delicate fabric. I’ve made a kind of hammock with my hands to support the already torn lining.

As I wash and rinse the fabric, I think about what sort of lining I should look for. What would make him laugh? What could he have as a little hidden joke that is subtle enough that no one would question it. But obvious enough so Those Who Know, know. I will have to see what is available.

It is small things like this that raise thoughts of him as I’m going about my day. I like it. I feel closer to him.


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