Tuesday Twos

Today is two orgasms, in a row.  Twice. At least twice, that is.

It is early afternoon, and I have yet to get to my first set. I know that writing this will get my head going in the right direction.

This is a sort of exhibitionism.

Even as I write, my head is already sprinting down the halls of sensuality. That weird mish-mosh of stuff that gets me going, and that I cannot explain. (Very Freudian-esque, I’m guessing.)

In my head, I’m already grabbing the vibrator. I’m kneeling on my spot. I’m sliding my favourite dildo inside my mouth to warm it up a bit.

Yeah, this is working.

I’m tonguing it as I hold the vibrator against my clit. My hips twitch, and I slide the dildo into my wet, warm cunt. I angle it until it rubs against my G-spot.

Okay. I have got to go take care of a thing…

…texted thanks yous sent.


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