I like being paid attention to. But recently, I realised that I only enjoyed it when I felt in control of the story. Otherwise, it sets off my anglophile upbringing of deflection and murmured, “Oh, no, no. Not me.” Not feeling well makes me feel particularly vulnerable. The threatened cold has finally landed on me. […]


Sometimes the asked-for tyranny of the masturbation schedule can feel like a weight. Sometimes it is difficult to snap myself into masturbation mode. Porn helps. However, as a cis/het woman, it is monumentally difficult to find porn that doesn’t–on some level–feel a little degrading. I understand, in the realm of fantasy, things are a lot […]


It is bone-dry Thursday. No toys, no masturbation. It tends to make me both a bit stir crazy and productive. I am in the kitchen, writing and working. My neck is bare, except for the day collar, and it feels a little strange. Kind of naked. I have noticed that I do not miss it […]

Two Times Tuesday

I’ve just come, twice. In quick succession. The toys have been washed up and put away. The aftermath of intense G-spot stimulation means that there is a bit of clean-up to do. ¬†All the squirting. Gracious. I am on my hands and knees, cleaning myself from the floor. Everything is still feeling kind of tingly […]

Tab B>Slot A

During my errands, Sir had me put in a Kegel exerciser. It has been a while since I have had to negotiate my day like that. It was both arousing and funny. Lying back on our bed to insert the Kegel balls, lube at the ready, took a bit of effort. Getting them seated well […]


I lie in bed, slowly waking up. Neighbourhood sounds filter through the walls and windows. The sky is grey and rain falls. I hear the watery growl of a car going by. Further away, I hear tug boats tootling at each other as they work in the port. I am wrapped in softness and warmth. […]

Silicone or Water, III

I surrender while remembering that my pleasure is a gift for Sir as well. Sir hooks his arms over my hips to hold me still. I like the feeling of being held in place, while he does as he will. That loss of control is at the heart of what I like about BDSM. He […]