Silicone or Water?

“Did you use silicone or water-based lube?” Sir asks as I kneel, naked, on the bed. My right hand strokes my clit. It is extra slick, thanks to the lube and the recent waxing.

“Water, Sir,” I said.

“Good,” he growls and hooks his hands behind my knees. With a quick pull, I am on my back. He pushes my legs apart with his hands, then settles his shoulders between my thighs.

“Why, Sir?” I ask, curious.

“Water-based tastes better.”

He taps the jewelry of my hood piercing with his tongue.

It has been so long. And it feels so lovely. I close my eyes to better feel Sir’s tongue on me. He works a finger into my cunt, and I cannot stop shivering…

…Continued day after tomorrow


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