I lie in bed, slowly waking up. Neighbourhood sounds filter through the walls and windows. The sky is grey and rain falls. I hear the watery growl of a car going by. Further away, I hear tug boats tootling at each other as they work in the port.

I am wrapped in softness and warmth.

I am very lucky.

I feel a familiar tingling/warmth/tickle; something has set off my arousal. I do not know if it was a dream. I decide to nurture it until the afternoon.

Purposefully avoiding touching myself–as much as possible–I get dressed. But the warm/sexy feeling does not go away.

The mundane tasks and the Acts of Service eat up the day.

Finally, it is time to get off–twice, because it is Tuesday.

I am so wet. The first touch of my hand against my clit sends a charge through me. It feels too good to turn on the vibrator. By hand it is! I squirm against my own hands, and finally breakthrough.

Heart racing, I pause for a minute.

Then turn on the vibrator.


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